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ABNOX AG I Headquarter
Langackerstrasse 25
6330 Cham
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Blatt Tropfen Welt Org

Sustainability Initiatives at ABNOX: Building a Greener Future

Ecological sustainability

  • We have been using 100% natural electricity from solar and hydroelectric power for several years now
  • Conversion of lighting to LED
  • Ecological optimisations are continuously implemented
  • We develop and produce products that help our customers to reduce lubricant consumption to a minimum and to use them according to their needs
  • The focus of our products is on durability - we offer spare parts for all our products
  • We periodically analyse our CO2 footprint and derive measures from it

Blatt Tropfen Welt Org

Social sustainability

Successful through social sustainability:

Successful through social sustainability:

  • We offer secure jobs in the industry despite the dominance of the service sector in Switzerland
  • We train several apprentices each year (approx. 10% of the workforce)
  • We offer modern infrastructure for our employees
  • We integrate people with disabilities
  • We support charitable organisations
  • We support mechanical engineering ETH students with internships

Economic sustainability

Our approaches to sustainability in the economy:

  • We are an owner-managed family business with over 75 years of history at our Cham location - For us, long-term thinking is always in the foreground
  • We constantly face up to new challenges and continue to develop with an eye to the future
  • We also create sustainable added value for our customers and thus gain long-term partners
Our approaches to sustainability in the economy: