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ABNOX AG I Headquarter
Langackerstrasse 25
6330 Cham
+41 41 780 44 55


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ABNOX: A success story in lubricant technology since 1946

ABNOX - A successful family business

In 1946, the lubrication pump manufacturer ABNOX AG was founded. At the same time, its founders planted a cherry tree (Zug is known for its cherry trees) and laid the foundation for the successful development of ABNOX. Since then, many people have looked after the tree and the company with passion and commitment: employees, partners, customers.

ABNOX Kirsche

Today the cherry tree is magnificent and ABNOX is successful

We are impressed by:

We are impressed by:

  • The roots that are now deep and stable even in difficult times.
  • The strong trunk that gives the necessary strength for constant development.
  • The grown crown, which bears many flowers year after year and ensures tasty and healthy fruit.

ABNOX Company brochure

The story of the cherry tree

ABNOX Chronicle

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1946 Sandmeier Schmierpressenfabrik

Mr. Sandmeier starts producing grease guns and establishes Abnox AG.

1966 Uebernahme Blaser
Acquisition of ABNOX

Acquisition of ABNOX by Blaser Swisslube Ltd. as follow-up regulation for Mr. Sandmeier and as diversification for Blaser Swisslube.

1974 Uebernahme WANNER
Acquisition of Wanner

Acquisition of Wanner Lubrication Equipments in Horgen. Start of exporting ABNOX products.

1991 Neubau Langackerstrasse
New construction

Construction of a building at Langackerstrasse 25, CH-6330 Cham.

1995 Aufteilung Unternehmen
Division of the company

The company is divided into ABNOX AG (High Pressure Hydraulic & Lubrication), ABNOX Productions AG (4F Technology) and ABNOX Immobilien AG (ILICH).

Management Buy out 1
Management Buy-out

Management Buy-out: Werner Iseli takes over Abnox AG.

60 Jahre ABNOX
Anniversary 60 years

60 years ABNOX – succesful developing and production of Lubrication, Metering and High Pressure Techniques.

2 Generationen 2
Two generations for progress

On October 1st 2008, Matthias Iseli, his son, has taken responsibility for the sales and marketing departement. Hence, two generations of the Iseli family are now in charge of the continuity and the prosperity of Abnox AG.

2011 65 Jahre neuer GL ISM
Anniversary 65 years

ABNOX celebrates its 65th Anniversary - Smooth Transition of Business Management.
Matthias Iseli will assume the succession of his father Werner Iseli on July 1st, 2011.
With Matthias Iseli holding the rudder, the ABNOX tradition of continuity and progress will be preserved.

2014 VL Leitungswechsel ISB 3
Change of management

Benjamin Iseli takes over as Head of Sales and Marketing from his brother Matthias as of January 1st, 2014.

2016 70 Jahre Jubiläum
70 years ABNOX AG

ABNOX has now been in existence for 70 years.

2021 75 Jahre Kirschbaum
Anniversary 75 years

ABNOX plants its cherry tree and lays the foundation for further successful development.
To this day, we give our company the necessary attention and care.
This is how we are able to harvest success and loyalty year after year.

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Together ABNOX

Together ABNOX

We live what we say

ABNOX stands for lived values. That makes us a worldwide successful process partner for lubrication, dosing and high pressure technology.

We design individually adapted components for our customers, with comprehensive system solutions, with high-tech engineering and Swiss quality.

We live what we say