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00080 XX Rotationsdosierer AXDV R1

Rotary Dosing Units AXDV-R1

Metering Valves

Precise dosing of grease & oil with Rotary Dosing Unit AXDV-R

Perfect Dosing Device: AXDV-R Rotary Dosing Unit with integrated Vario Dosing Valves for fast, clean and reliable application of grease & oil in cylindrical inner diameters of components.

Perfect applications for cylindrical internal lubrication

The ABNOX AXDV-R1 Rotary Dispenser can be used to dispense greases and oils in different layer thicknesses onto cylindrical bodies. Different diameters can be processed without a changeover process. The use of a traversing axis enables sequential processing of the components in the axial direction.

The innovative media guidance concept through the center axis of the drive motor reduces the dead volume after dispensing. The modular design allows different lance lengths and spinner plate diameters.

Variable speeds are possible with a servo motor, supported by integrated speed monitoring.

The integrated Vario Dosing Valve enables the dosing quantity to be adjusted with repeat accuracy during the dosing process and/or the travel path in the axial direction.

Type code for Rotary Dosing Unit AXDV-R1

Type key AXDV-R1_EN
Type key AXDV-R1_EN


DescriptionArticle No.
Servocontroller R15, control via digital I/O's0008069
Cable Set 2.5 m0008066
Attachment BS10, for Bosch profile with groove 100008073
Attachment FD20, for Festo mini slides DGSL 200008074
Attachment SX20, for SMC compact slides MXS 200008075
Attachment FE45, for Festo electric slides EGSL 450008076
Servo controller R05 for the AXDV-R1 rotary feeder
0008069 Servo controller R05 for the AXDV-R1 rotary feeder

Experience the Rotary Dosing Unit in action in a typical application in the following film:

In cooperation with our partner: Synchronised grease application by means of a Robot; a Rotary Dosing Unit is permanently installed!

Operation Medium Grease

Article No. Modell Design Version
Rotary Dosing Unit AXDV-R1-F (Operation Medium Grease) Bild
000806X AXDV-R1-F with Vario-Metering Valve AXDV-V1 for Operation Medium Grease


Operation Medium Oil

Article No. Modell Design Version
Rotary Dosing Unit AXDV-R1-O (Operation Medium Oil) Bild
000964X AXDV-R1-O with Vario-Metering Valve AXDV-V1 for Operation Medium Oil