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Dosierventil Stationen

Metering Valve Stations

Metering Valves

ABNOX dosing valve stations are ideal for dosing large quantities. An external 5/2-way valve must be provided for control.

For dosing volumes of up to 500 cm³, such as for filling roller bearings or other large bearings, the dosing valve stations with manual switchover or pneumatic rotary actuator are particularly suitable. They are triggered either manually or pneumatically via a 5/2-way valve. The pressure gauge at the material inlet reliably indicates the inlet pressure.

The desired dosing quantity can be infinitely adjusted using a control handle. The repeat accuracy in the medium dosing range is +/- 2%, depending on the nozzle design.

Dosing valve stations with sensor (H or P) offer a cost-effective way of monitoring the dosing process. The use of dosing valve stations with two sensors (H+P) is recommended for optimum monitoring. The function of the dosing valve stations is explained depending on the sensor:

• Sensor H:
The dosing piston is monitored. As the air and grease chambers are separated from each other, this increases process reliability. The sensor sends an electrical pulse when the dispensing piston is in the end position.
• Sensor P:
The air piston is monitored. This allows the position of the pneumatic piston (dosing or loading stroke) to be monitored.
• Sensor H+P:
The sensors each detect the end positions of the grease and air piston, i.e. the end states of the dispensing process are detected by this position determination (signal H: "Dispensing completed", signal P: "Dispensing ready").

Note: To ensure the function of sensor H, the smallest dosing quantity should be approx. 10% greater than the minimum quantity marked on the valve. For dosing in the lower limit range, the next smallest valve is recommended.
Article No. Modell Design Version
Metering Valve Station without Sensor Bild
4196500 Station Standard 2.0 - 26.0 ccm


Metering Valve Station with Sensor P Bild
4196504 Station Sensor P 2.0 - 26.0 ccm


Metering Valve Station with Sensor H Bild
4196503 Station Sensor H 2.0 - 26.0 ccm