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Metering Valve Stations

The ABNOX Metering Valve Stations are suitable in particular for large-scale metering operations and offer a simple and fast mounting option directly at the Metering Valve. To activate a 5/2-way Valve is required.

For dosing volumes up to 500 cm3, e.g. for filling roller berings or other large bearings or gear boxes, the Metering Valve Stations with manual adjustment or with multi turn aktuators are ideal suitable. With the hand-operated switch or with the pneumatic-driven switchover on top of the valve you can start the metering process. A pressure gauge shows you the right inlet pressure.

The desired metering quantity is continuously adjustable with the regulating sleeve or with the regulating handle. The repeat accuracy in the middle of the dosing range is +/- 2% depending on the nozzle design.

The Metering Valve Stations with Sensor (H or P) present a low coast and hence frequently used solution for monitoring the dosage process. This dispensing interrogation facilitates an optimal process supervision and guarantees a high service life through his robust construction.

However, in order to ideally monitor the dosing process, ABNOX recommends the Metering Valve Stations with 2 Sensors (H+P).

Functionality of Metering Valve Station with Sensor H:

The pneumatic part of the Metering Valve is controlled over an external pneumatic 5/2-way Valve. The lubricant dosing is then initialized. The dispensing pressure depends on the pressure in the lubricant (medium). The air- and the lubricant chamber is separated from each other. The process safety increases itself through the specific construction. The initiator sends an electric impulse if the cycle is closed and the lubricant (medium) is ejected.

Functionality of Metering Valve Station with Sensor P:

A proximity switch on the pneumatic control cylinder, and a magnetic ring attached to the pneumatic piston make up the control device to monitor the function of the control pin of the Metering Valve. By detection of the pneumatic piston position (starting position), the location of the control pin and the opened or closed state of the Metering Valve are determined.

Functionality of Metering Valve Station with Sensor H+P:

Sensors capture the respective final positions of the grease and air pistons, which means the final states of the dosing process are recorded by determining these positions (signal H: “dosing complete”, signal P: “ready for dosing”).


To ensure process security for the functioning of the Sensor H, the smallest dosing volume setting has to be about 10% higher than the minimum volume indicated on the valve. ABNOX recommends the next smaller Valve for dosing at the lower end of the limit!

Aside from the Standard Nozzles, ABNOX Ltd. also fabricates Nozzles for customer-specific applications on request. These can be screwed directly onto the Metering Valve.

Article No. Modell Design Version
Metering Valve Station without Sensor Bild
4196500 Station Standard 2.0 - 26.0 ccm


Metering Valve Station with Sensor P Bild
4196504 Station Sensor P 2.0 - 26.0 ccm


Metering Valve Station with Sensor H Bild
4196503 Station Sensor H 2.0 - 26.0 ccm