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4446000 Druckluft Abfuellgeraet

Compressed-air Filler Pumps

Filling Devices for Grease Pumps

The Air-operated Grease Filler Pump with pressure ratio from 5:1, is the ideal equipment for economic and clean filling of Hand Lever Pumps, One-hand Pumps, Hand Push Pumps and Lubrication Systems.
This Grease Filler Pump is especially useful when the customers use large containers to fill several kinds of Hand-operated Lubrication Equipments.
Simple connecting to Hand-operated Lubrication Equipments with Cylindrical or Conical Fillers Cap enables a quick filling and protects the lubricants of pollution and air pockets.

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Recommendation from ABNOX:

Do not use a High Pressure Greasing System to refill the Hand-operated Lubrication Equipment; over-pressure may destruct the Greasing Devices.
We recommend using a Maintenance Unit when air supplying device contains humidity to prevent corrosion and fouling.
Never leave the Pump System on the Suction Tube on the floor.

For refilling Hand Push Pumps we recommend using the following suitable accessory: Filling Plate with Seal Ring and Conical Filler Cap.

4936600 Abfuellteller

Customer Benefits:

  • Operator convenience

  • Economic efficiency

  • High quality standard

  • Efficiency increase

  • Shorter process operation

  • Cleanliness

  • High reliability

  • Excellent after-sale-service

Article No. Modell Design Version
Air-operated filler pump 5:1 for container 14 - 18 kg Bild
4446000 5 :1 Container internal dia. 255 - 290 mm 14 - 18 kg


Air-operated filler pump 5:1 for container 20 - 25 kg Bild
4446500 5 :1 Container internal dia. 290 - 350 mm 20 - 25 kg


Air-operated filler pump 5:1 for container conical 20 kg Bild
4446511 5 :1 Container internal dia. 260 - 290 mm conical 20 kg