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4191802 AXDV C1 5503

Volumetric Metering Valves AXDV-C

Metering Valves

Reliable & precise dosing with high-quality Metering Valves

Discover Volumetric Dosing Valves for precise dosing processes. Optimize your Metering Technology! Perfect the greasing of components with ABNOX Metering Valves for safe & precise grease application.

Process reliability when applying lubricants

With the Volumetric ABNOX Dosing Valves, you can apply the precisely defined dosing quantity of your lubricant precisely to your components.

The optionally available Sensors (item no. 0001220) for metering piston monitoring make metering even safer. We recommend two sensors per Dispensing Valve (loading and dispensing position). These can be retrofitted at any time!

4192802 AXDV-C3 mit 2 Sensor_5556
Metering Valve AXDV-C3 with 2 Sensors

An external Pneumatic 5/2-way Valve must be provided to control the Dosing Valves with Mounting Block. Actuation is even easier with our optional Electro-pneumatic Solenoid Valves (retrofit option item no. 0011716), which are mounted directly on the air cylinder. Elaborate tubing is no longer necessary.

On the Dosing Valves with Handle (models PN/HG/SV), the control unit is already integrated in the Handle. Dosing is carried out by actuating the trigger. These Dosing Valves can be suspended directly above the installation location using a balancer.

0011716 Magnetventil mit Dosierventil (2553)
5/2-way solenoid control valve with metering valve

In addition to Dosing Valves, ABNOX AG also offers suitable Conveying Systems and accessories for the realization of complete customer solutions. In addition to the Standard Nozzles, ABNOX creates special customized application Nozzles on request, which can be screwed directly onto the Dosing Valve.

Dosing monitoring made easy

For more safety with Volumetric Dosing Valves, ABNOX recommends the Monitoring Device with LED display (item no.: 001254X, see accessories and video: LED box). This offers a high level of process reliability when dosing at manual workstations.

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Standard (Assembly Block)

Article No. Modell Design Version
Volumetric Metering Valve AXDV-C1-LUER Bild
4191802 AXDV-C1 (V3.0) Connection LUER 1 - 20 mm3


Volumetric Metering Valve AXDV-C1-G1/8 Bild
4191803 AXDV-C1-G1/8 (V3.0) Connection 1/8'' BSP 1 - 20 mm3


Volumetric Metering Valve AXDV-C1-LP (Low Pressure) Bild
0004998 AXDV-C1-LP (V3.0) LP Low Pressure 3 - 20 mm3


Handgrip PN / HG / SV

Article No. Modell Design Version
Volumetric Metering Valve AXDV-C1-PN Bild
4191832 AXDV-C1-PN (V3.0) Handgrip PEN 1 - 20 mm3


Volumetric Metering Valve AXDV-C1-PN-LP (Low Pressure) Bild
0005148 AXDV-C1-PN-LP (V3.0) Handgrip PEN / LP Low Pressure 3 - 20 mm3


Volumetric Metering Valve AXDV-C2-PN Bild
4192332 AXDV-C2-PN (V3.0) Handgrip PEN 10 - 200 mm3