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000756 X Dosiervorrichtung AXDD 1 Fach 3 V7 A7212

Dosing Devices AXDD

The ABNOX standard dosing device optimizes greasing and oiling processes more efficiently and cleanly. Thanks to this ABNOX standard, the shortest delivery, set-up and commissioning times can be guaranteed, as only the customer-specific application nozzle (mandrel or nest) needs to be adapted to your original component. The device can be easily integrated into existing workstations or assembly lines.

Once the medium line and compressed air have been connected and the dispensing quantity has been set, the system is ready for operation. The dispensing process is started automatically by pressing down the component placed on the nozzle.

The preset dispensing quantity is applied to the component - the same quantity for each process! The retraction effect when closing the valve prevents dripping of the medium after the dispensing process. The device is available with up to four dispensing valves with individual control and thus enables efficient lubricant dispensing for up to four different components without changing nozzles.

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AXDD-C*-00 Single

Article No. Modell Design Version
Single Dosing Devices AXDD-C*-00 Bild
000756* AXDD-C*-00 Standard Single


AXDD-C*-C* Double

Article No. Modell Design Version
Double Dosing Devices AXDD-C*-C* Bild
000757* AXDD-C*-C* Standard Double


Accessories Dosing Devices AXDD

Article No. Modell Design Version
Dosing Process Monitoring Device with LED Display Bild
001254X Dosing Process Monitoring Device with LED Display 230 V AC