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Kleingebindepumpe AXKP AXCP

Can Pumps AXKP / Cartridge Pumps AXCP

Lubricant Supply Technology

Cost-effective & powerful Can Pumps & Cartridge Pumps

Use powerful Pump Systems for conveying smaller quantities of grease from cartridges & small containers, as well as for direct & precise dosing of grease with manually operated Dosing Valves

The AXKP and AXCP compressed air Grease Supply Systems are cost-effective systems for pumping expensive lubricants, including silicone greases and silicone oils, from cartridges and small containers.

The Pump can be easily and directly connected to ABNOX Metering Valves with Handle.

When ordering, please let us know the type of lubricant and the three container dimensions:

  • Internal top-diameter

  • Internal bottom-diameter

  • Container height

Follower plate for Can Pumps

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For Container 1-5 kg / Cartridges to DIN 1284

Article No. Modell Design Version
Can Pump AXKP1-S Bild
000763X AXKP1-S V3.0 1 - 5 kg


Cartridge Pumps AXCP1-SXX-XXXXXXXX Bild
00094XX AXCP1-SXX-XXXXXXXX V2.0 Cartridges