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Volumetric Needle Metering Valves AXDV-N

The precise solution for the punctual dosing of lubricants with minimal dosing volumes!

The ABNOX series N1 Needle Metering Valve is a pneumatically controlled Volumetric Needle Metering Valve for the punctual dosing of low-viscosity lubricants. This Valve is capable of applying very small amounts with a minimal cycle time.

The desired dosing volume is continuously adjustable in the range from 3 mm3 to 200 mm3 with the adjustment screw. A locking screw is provided to retain the set quantity, excluding the possibility of unintentionally changing the adjustment.

Needle querying can be retrofitted to query the stroke setting, further improving process security.

In contrast to our C-series Volumetric Metering Valves, the Needle Metering Valve has no pull-back effect. This can be advantageous, in particular for applications with oil in the low-pressure range (pressure tank).

Easy bleeding with a hose connection to cleanly discharge material is another advantage.

Clean application with high reproducibility saves expensive lubricant with each dosing!

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Standard (Assembly Block)

Article No. Modell Design Version
Volumetric Needle Metering Valve AXDV-N1 Bild
0008619 AXDV-N1 Standard (Assembly Block) 3 - 200 mm3 (0.003 - 0.200 ml)