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4194400 Varioventil AXDV V1 SV 7322 B2

Vario-Metering Valves AXDV-V

Metering Valves

Precise variable dosing with Vario metering valves AXDV-V

Optimize your dosing processes with Vario metering valves. Precise, exactly repeatable & variable dosing with electronic or manual actuation - Adjustable speed for grease application

Dosing different volumes exactly repeatable, clean and precise!

By combining the principle of the progressive cavity pump with precise control of the dispensing time and rotor speed, the ABNOX Vario dispensing valve is able to dispense repeatable and varying quantities of lubricant with maximum accuracy. The adjustable application speed and the number of rotor revolutions enable precise, consistent and reliable volume dosing.

Type code for Vario Metering Valve AXDV-V

Typenschluessel AXDV-V1_EN (08-22)


To ensure the maximum permissible inlet pressures for the Vario Metering Valves, we recommend the use of our MDR Material Pressure Regulators!

OptionsArticle No.Quantity
Material Pressure Regulator MDR-LW04-2M (V3.0)00064961 Piece

Spare Parts:

DescriptionArticle No.
Seal Kit0007175
Stator NBR (Standard seal quality)0005568
Stator FKM (Viton®)0009821

Accessories for version Vario Metering Valve with Cartridge:

Vario dosing valve with cartridge
Vario dosing valve with cartridge
Accessoires for version with CartridgeArticle No.
Cartridge transparent, capacity 30 cm30008775
Cartridge transparent, capacity 55 cm30008776
Cartridge Adapter0008777
Cartridge Piston0008778
Cartridge Holder with LUER-Lock Fitting0008779

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Electronic Operation

Article No. Modell Design Version
Vario-Metering Valve AXDV-V1-EL-NBR-RS485-00 (Electronic Operation) Bild
4194850 AXDV-V1-EL-NBR-RS485-00 Standard Stator NBR


Vario-Metering Valve AXDV-V1-EL-FKM-RS485-VA (Electronic Operation) Bild
4194800 AXDV-V1-EL-FKM-RS485-VA Stainless Steel Stator FKM


Manual Operation

Article No. Modell Design Version
Vario-Metering Valve AXDV-V1-SV-NBR-RS232-00 (Manual Operation) Bild
4194400 AXDV-V1-SV-NBR-RS232-00 Handgrip Vertical Stator NBR