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Lubrication Pumps AXSP

The lubrication pump AXSP-S is ideal applicable as feeding pump for ABNOX metering valves or as filling system.
ABNOX air-operated grease pump from type S is suitable for transferring of lubricants of medium to high viscosity levels as well as silicon greases and silicon oils.

This lubrication pump is the ultimate solution in a modular system. When requirements change (pressure ratios / conveying volume), the grease pump can be retrofitted quickly with little effort.

The principle: In one step, quickly and easily disconnect the suction system on the air motor and replace it with a different suction system!

Available in various pressure ratios and lengths for all containers that are customary on the market up to 180 kg.

Recommendation from ABNOX:

Keep the lubrication pump always clean to avoid damage to the pump.

Lubrication Pump complete

Article No. Modell Design Version
Lubrication Pump AXSP 25:1 (S100-D20) Bild
000742X 25:1 AXSP S100-D20


Lubrication Pump 60:1 (S100-D13) Bild
000743X 60:1 AXSP S100-D13


Lubrication Pump components

Article No. Modell Design Version
Air motor AXSP-S100 Bild
0009161 Air Motor AXSP S100


Suction System 25:1 (D20) Bild
000745X Suction System 25:1 AXSP D20


Suction System 60:1 (D13) Bild
000746X Suction System 60:1 AXSP D13