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0006496 Materialdruckregler MDR LW04 2 M V3 0

Material Pressure Regulators MDR

Material Pressure Regulator for even conveying, dosing and spraying

ABNOX Material Pressure Regulators for uniform conveying with Pump Systems & Lubrication Systems as well as optimum conditions for precise dosing & spraying.

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The ABNOX Material Pressure Regulator MDR-LW04 reduces pressures and minimizes pulsation in Piston Pumps for material conveying.

The working pressure is infinitely adjustable (5-50 bar) and can be locked. The optimum ratio between inlet and outlet pressure should be less than 5:1.

Suitable for self-lubricating media such as grease and oil, the Regulator is available with one outlet Pressure Gauge (1M) or with one inlet and one outlet Pressure Gauge (2M).

ABNOX also offers a version with inlet Pressure Gauge (1M) and electronic outlet Pressure Switch with Display (1DS).

Optional Mounting Kits are available for direct mounting on ABNOX Pumps (Z-Adapter) or front installation on individual systems (Mounting Plate):


DescriptionArticle No.
Mounting Set "Z-Adapter"0004323
Mounting Set "Connecting Plate"0006969
Hexagonal Angle-Key Wrench0007308

Article No. Modell Design Version
Material Pressure Regulator MDR-LW04-1M Bild
0006495 MDR-LW04-1M (V3.0) 5 - 50 bar with Outlet Pressure Gauge


Material Pressure Regulator MDR-LW04-1M-1DS Bild
0011637 MDR-LW04-1M-1DS (V3.0) 5 - 50 bar with Inlet Pressure Gauge and Electrical Pressure Switch


Material Pressure Regulator MDR-LW04-2M Bild
0006496 MDR-LW04-2M (V3.0) 5 - 50 bar with Inlet and Outlet Pressure Gauge



Article No. Modell Design Version
Z-Adapter 1/4'' BSP Bild
0004323 Z-Adapter DKR - AGR 1/4'' BSP


Electrical Pressure Switch with Display Bild
0001670 Electrical Pressure Switch with Display Measuring range 0-100 bar / 1/4'' BSP IFM / PN7092


Mounting Set to Material Pressure Regulator MDR-LW04 Bild
0006969 Mounting Set Assembly on the back Material Pressure Regulator MDR-LW04