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Magnetic Filters


Efficient Magnetic Filters for precise Dosing Systems

Discover the perfect Filter System for clean lubricant. Optimise your Dosing Systems & Dosing Devices with ABNOX Magnetic Filters for efficient grease cleaning & reliable dosing

A highly attractive product: Clean, effective and economical

Filtering of iron particles from lubricants!

Magnetfilter Beschriftung

Nobody gets far with gravel in the gearbox. This applies correspondingly to Lubricating and Metering Systems in the figurative sense. Metal chips and particles, grinding dust or grit can severely impair the service life of some system components, especially in case of newly installed lines or tough production environments.

The simple and effective ABNOX solution: a new Magnetic Filter with a powerful Magnetic Filter Cartridge that reliably attracts and binds all ferrous contaminants in the conveying medium. This keeps the lubricant clean and therefore minimises wear, contamination and faults. Regular Filter cleaning ensures consistently high performance. The compact Magnetic Filter is very easy to integrate into existing pipework.

As always with ABNOX, the entire component is designed for installation, removal and maintenance with minimal effort.


  • Low wear, resulting in a longer service life for system components
  • Lubricants can be used longer
  • Cost-effective cleaning system for reduced down time
  • Long-lasting filter element
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Compact and robust design
  • Flexible in application thanks to various mounting options (cross-bores or sliding blocks M8)
Article No. Modell Design Version
Magnetic filter 1/4" BSP (AGR) Bild
0006152 Magnetic Filter Sliding block M8 1/4" BSP (AGR)


Magnetic filter 1/2" BSP (AGR) Bild
0007047 Magnetic Filter Sliding block M8 1/2" BSP (AGR)