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E Schmieranlagen AX2000 20 25kg 2970

Electric Lubrication Equipment AX-2000

Lubrication Equipment

The electric-operated grease supply system AX-2000 permit reliable and trouble free lubrication when ever no compressed air is available (Maintenance escalators, paper industries, wind energy industries etc.).
The AX-2000 as well suitable as optimal feed pump for the replenishing of centralised lubrication systems.
This grease supply system AX-2000 is based on many years of experience in the technic of powering and gearing with the existing electric-operated lubricating unit as well as the technology of the approved pump systems.
The conditions of the pumping system have been improved essentially by a higher dimensioned diameter of the piston as well as an ideal speed of the stroke. The optimal adjustment between motor, gear box and pump system guarantees a smooth pumping and avery low noise level.

Version with standard lubricating gun (P)

Grease gun Standard
4851000 Grease gun Standard

Customer Benefits:

  • Independent from compressed air

  • Operator convenience

  • Economic efficiency

  • High quality standard

  • Balanced price/performance ratio

  • High reliability

  • Low-noise

ABNOX Electric Lubrication System AX-2000 have a pressure independent output up to 200 bar working pressure!

Flow rate diagram AX2000
Flow rate diagram AX2000
Article No. Modell Design Version
Electric lubrication unit AX-2000-1-M-4327000-S-040-P Bild
4354000 AX-2000-1-M-4327000-S-040-P High pressure hose 4 m 14 - 18 kg


Electric lubrication unit AX-2000-1-M-4327000-S-060-P Bild
4359000 AX-2000-1-M-4327000-S-060-P High pressure hose 6 m 14 - 18 kg


Electric lubrication unit AX-2000-2-M-4327100-S-040-P Bild
4354100 AX-2000-2-M-4327100-S-040-P High pressure hose 4 m 20 - 25 kg