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Industrial lubrication systems and precision metering systems

Our 5 areas of expertise for you!

Great importance was attached to a high quality standard from the very beginning.
The large ABNOX performance range is a reflection of the high performance and innovative ability of the company. ABNOX is well prepared for future tasks with its quality products in the field of Metering Technology, Lubrication Technology, Grease Supply and Clamping Technology.

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Metering Technology

In a world where vehicles, machines and systems have to be maintenance-free for longer and more frequently, precise lubrication of moving parts plays a crucial role.

ABNOX offers customized dosing systems, from conveyor technology to various dosing systems, including accessories. If required, we also offer customized systems for the precise dosing of lubricants.

Reliable feeding, accurate metering and precise dosing mean clean, correct lubrication.

Sprueh Pulsventil 2

Spray and pulse valve in application


Dosing / Application

Precisely dosed is well lubricated - because every drop is precious!


Lubricant Supply Technology

The variety of lubricants places high demands on a feed pump. ABNOX offers precise lubricant pumps that master the challenges of physical and chemical composition as well as container dimensions.

Our grease supply systems not only guarantee exact dosing, but also ensure that the required parameters such as pressure and flow rate are maintained at all times.

The heart of the lubricant supply

0007248 Fettpumpe AXSP25 7267 B2

Lubricant pump heart

Fasspumpe Tandem 2x AXFP 3 V7 A0748

Twin-drum pump

ABNOX Kleingebindepumpen

Small container pumps

Because metered lubrication starts with safe pumping.


Lubrication Technology

No process reliability without professional maintenance

Moving components often only function reliably over the long term with appropriate lubrication. This is ensured by regular maintenance and service of machines and systems.

Regular maintenance makes high demands. The lubrication devices from ABNOX take this into consideration.

Lubrication devices from ABNOX are made of high-quality materials and with the highest precision. This guarantees years of continuous use without loss of performance even under the toughest conditions. Handiness and sophisticated ergonomics allow safe and fatigue-free work.

ABNOX has a wide product range with high-quality lubrication devices. grease pumps and filling devices - the field of application knows no limits.

Abnox Em 91 Z1578 Anh

Lubrication and greasing

ABNOX Schmiertechnik

ABNOX grease pumps

Because professionals choose ABNOX.


Clamping Technology

ABNOX High Pressure Technology for precision clamping.

Controlled pressures are the prerequisite for high-precision clamping.

Modern clamping systems are often equipped with hydraulics. Elegantly and precisely, high forces and torques can be transmitted with this technology. Hydraulic equipped clamping bushes, chucks, couplings, tools and fixtures are typical examples.

ABNOX has developed high pressure pumps, inlet and outlet valves tailored to customer needs with the basic know-how of lubrication technology and high pressure hydraulics.

A high-quality clamping system is characterized by the fact that each system component is optimally matched to the other. Whether standard pumps or customized special designs, ABNOX is happy to support you!

When Technology requires High Pessures

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Rego Fix PGU9500 1 A

Chuck system powRgrip® from the Swiss company REGO-FIX®


Customer Solutions

Problem solving: ABNOX AG offers customized solutions for conveying, dosing and applying liquid and pasty media. Our versatile, modular components enable individual and flexible adaptations.

Do you need a customized solution?

Our qualified team will be happy to support you with know-how and experience right from the early concept phase.

Benefit from these advantages:

  • We implement your ideas and concepts technically according to your specifications. Alternatively, we can configure the complete solution in-house free of charge in accordance with the latest standards and technologies.
  • Accompanying mechanical engineering for devices and production cells as well as the customer-oriented specification of the system solution.
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Because we care for your solutions.