Spray Valves AXSPV




Construction Type

Standard Nozzle dia. 1.0 mm


Electro-pneumatic, 24 VDC

0010462_AXSPV-EP-STD-1.0-S00-DS0-RNV_ohne LFK_(0642)

The electro-pneumatic spray valve AXSPV-EP with standard nozzle needle and standard nozzle dia. 1.0 mm is specially designed for the application of low-viscosity up to highly viscosity lubricants. This spray valve is suitable for both intermittent and continuous application.

The special feature of the spray valve is the adjustable post-blow time of the atomising air, which can also be used for nozzle cleaning. The needle function is: opening by air pressure / closing by air pressure and spring pressure.

Short airways in the body and the directly flanged 5/2-way solenoid valve allow very fast and exact cycles. Various air cap variants and nozzle extensions allow adaptation to the desired spray pattern.

This electro-pneumatic spray valve AXSPV-EP is equipped with:

Standard nozzle dia. 1.0 mm 10009960
Nozzle needle to standard nozzle dia. 1.0 mm10010480
5/2-way solenoid valve 24 VDC / 1.8 W and integrated spray air control10012214
Latching needle lock RNV without electrical needle sensor for easy adjustment of the material quantity10011297
Centring for air cap LFK or nozzle extension DVL1
Countersinks including centring sleeves (mounting)2

The following options are available:

Nozzle extension DVL (see accessories)
Air cap LFK (see accessories)
Retaining ring for air cap LFK 0004057
Pressure sensor DS1, 0 - 5 bar 0010469
Pressure sensor DS2, 0 - 50 bar 0009137
Raster needle lock RNA with electrical needle sensor 0010470
Valve heater VH 0010471
Connection cable M12x1, 4 poles, Length 10.0 m
for valve heater VH
Temperature controller set AXTR-024VDC-03500 with two alarm outputs, connection with valve heater VH 0009536

The following are available as spare parts:

Sealing screw, complete, dia. 11.5 x 21 mm / Viton®0009518
Wearing parts kit for medium and air area0009517
Wearing parts kit including sealing screw for medium and air area0009397
Air valve complete; automatic pre- and after-air control0012225
Cable plug, 15 x 15mm, 3-pole, for 5/2 way solenoid valve 24 VDC0012220
Cable plug, 15 x 15 mm, 2-pole and earth, with function LED and freewheel dieode for 5/2 way solenoid valve 24 VDC0012224

Technical Data

Article Number0010462
"M" Material pressure (bar)35
"SL" Control air pressure (bar)5 - 6
"ZL" Atomizing air pressure (bar)0.5 - 5
Compressed air qualityISO 8573-1:2020 [6:4:4]
Connection (medium) internal thread1/8" BSP
Connection (compressed air) internal thread1/8" BSP / Push-in fitting for hose dia. 6 mm
Voltage (V DC)24
Intermittentup to 30 cycles per second

Connection diagram / Circuit diagram:

  • Atomizing air connection ZL: to compressed air supply

  • Control air connection SL: to compressed air supply (compressor)

  • Material / Medium connection M: to pressure tank or pump


Assembly Instructions

Download PDF, 3.2 MB

Download PDF