Grease Supply




Construction Type

10:1 Type S


2 x 50 kg

Doppel Fasspumpe

ABNOX Twin-Drum Pumps from type S are suitable for transferring lubricants of medium to high viscosity levels as well as silicon greases and silicon oils.
There Twin-Drum Pumps facilitates an efficient transferring lubricants of middle flow rates and frequent change of container (for central grease supply).

After the first container is complete empty, the system will automatically stop the pump and switch to the other with the full container. That helps to avoid disruption in the grease supply during container changing. In the medium operating panel the actual state of the two pumps is indicated by coloured indicators (pump ready, pump at work).
An end switch stops the pump action automatically and sends a warning tone (optional) when the complete draining has been reached, thus preventing the aspiration of air.

Neuer Mittel-SteuerkastenZoom

Median control box (Elements of operating for complete system)

Character features of ABNOX - Drum Pumps:

• Modular design
• Components harmonised perfectly with each other
• Reliability two-hand operation for the UP and DOWN
• Operator convenience: Narrow, robust and compact control unit with its modern design and understandable explanation of the control elements
• Suitable for centralized supply pump
• No electric connector
• Exchangeable follower plate
• Adjustable pressure at the follower plate
• Process Safety: Pressure gauge for system, pump unit and pump lift cylinder
• Long life time product

Upgrading optionsArticle No.Quantity
Connection piece 1/4" BSP with gauge 400 bar and ball valve for air vent (AB)40820012 pieces
Upgrading set pedestal (SF)46300502 pieces

Type Code for TwinPumps 2x-AXFP 3/2x-AXFP 4

Typenschlüssel 2xAXFP_ENZoom

Type Code 2x-AXFP3 / 2x-AXFP 4

Folgeplatte Fasspumpen

We are happy to calculate the follower plate for you.
To come up with the right size we need the following:

- lubrication type
- container height
- internal top-diameter
- internal bottom-diameter

Note for the shipping:

For all overseas exports the ABNOX Drum Pump AXFP3 must be packed in two plywood folding box according to ISPM-15 standard (2x Dimension 80x60x145 cm / Art.-No. 0003001).

Technical Data

This Air-operated Twin-Drum Pump from type S is qualified for delivering silicon greases and silicon oils with a viscosity up to 60'000 cST.
Not suitable for hardening and abrasive media, or with abrasive filling substances!

Container internal dia. (mm)260 - 410
Container height (mm)680
Suction tube dia. (mm)32
Min. / Max. temperature (°C)10/40
Specification for operation mediumLubricants up to NLGI 4 / 1'000'000 m Pa s
Output pressure (medium) at operating pressure 6 bar [bar]60
Output pressure (medium) at operating pressure 10 bar [bar]100
Delivery rate pro double stroke (cm3)16
Delivery rate at pump outlet [cm3/min]1720
Min. / Max. inlet operating pressure [bar]4/10
Inlet operating pressure (compressed air) optimum [bar]6
Max. air consumption [l/min.]150
Connection (compressed air) internal thread1/4" BSP
Connection (Medium) External Thread P1/4" BSP


Dimensioned Sketch

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