Clamping Technology



450 bar / with filler cap

Construction Type

400 / 500 cm3 / Piston rod


1/8" BSP

3239110 Hochdruck Einhandpresse

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High Pressure One-hand Pump with Gauge is used for clamping tools and face milling gutters

Einsatz Hochdruck Einhandpresse 2

More and more face milling cutters and declamping tools are hydraulically clamped.
An implemented pressroom in the tool is put under pressure through grease or oil, so that the tool as example is pressed onto the shaft of the machine.

Einsatz Hochdruckventile 1

This kind of tension enables transferring high torque and therefore reaches an exact centrical tension.

Important information:

The temperature has a high influence on setting the pressure to the clamping unit and on the choice of the high pressure one-hand pump.
If the temperature falls, pressure also drops, and vice versa. Differences in temperature of more than 30°C will most probably require a further setting of the pressure to the clamping unit. Regular controls have to be done.

Character features of High Pressure One-hand Pump:

  • Ergonomic plastic handle for comfortable and simple handling

  • Controlled and accurate application, due to check valve, air bleed valve and pressure release valve

  • Generates high clamping force without ancillary power

  • Easy and clean disconnection of nipple due to pressure release valve and lubricant return flow to the cylinder

  • The pressure gauge serves as control tool for clamping or precise controlled pressure build-up for tool chucks

This high pressure one-hand pump is equipped with:

SpecificationArticle No.Quantity
High pressure hose 700 bar, length = 325 mm, connector 1/8" BSP35143001 piece
4-piece hydraulic connector EXCELLENT, external dia. 14 mm, length = 40 mm 36590001 piece
Gauge scale 0 - 600 bar83746011 piece
Conical filler cap with ball valve35690001 piece

Spare Parts:

Seal Kit3083200
Pump head cpl.3373100
Cylinder cpl.3819500
Piston rod cpl.3819504
Spare Parts Kit cpl.3379500

You will find more information in the downloads section under "Spare Parts List"

Technical Data

400 g Cartridge DIN 1284

For the ABNOX hand-operated lubrication equipments (MURALT AX-III, ABNOX WANNER and AX-400) and High Pressure One-hand Pumps designed for 400/500 cm3 cylinder (lubricant reservoir) can only use DIN standard 1284, 400 g cartridges with the follwoing dimensions:

Version scale from gauge [bar]0 - 600
Weight (kg)1.960
Capacity cylinder (cm3)400
Cylinder external dia. (mm)58
Cylinder lenght (mm)300
Cylinder wall thickness (mm)1.5
Filling with grease cartridge 400g DIN 1284YES
Filling with filler pumpYES / 500 g
Min. / Max. temperature (°C)10 /40
Specification for operation mediumLubricants up to NLGI 2 / 5000 m Pa.s
Operating pressure (bar)450
Max. pressure (bar)600
Delivery rate pro stroke (cm3)0.3
Connection (medium) internal thread P1/8" BSP
Connection (air vent) internal thread EM8 x 1
Connection (gauge) internal thread M1/4" BSP


Dimensioned Sketch

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Operating Manual

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