Mineral Oil



Hand Push Pump 120 cm3

Construction Type

Combination nozzle


1/8" BSP für Mineral oil

3196200 Stosspresse (4626)

Character features of ABNOX Hand Push Pump:

  • Suitable for mineral oils

  • Light-weight, handy and optimal for simple applications

  • Enables even under extreme backpressure, a variable lubrication pressure with steady effort applied

  • Suitable for lubrication points in any position, including over-head

  • As option: Special synthetic rubber seal in cylinder for perfect sealing and operating conditions

  • Designed to be utilised under rough conditions. Rugged design of cylinder with knurled surface - sure grip handling

  • Choice of variety of nozzles

  • Ideally suited for economical and clean lubrication of grease points and nipples of various kinds

  • Manual bulk filling

  • Complete disassembly possible allowing easy cleaning and maintenance

  • Comprehensive spare parts service

3845000 Kombinationsduese


This Hand Push Pump is equipped with combination nozzle, Article-No. 3845000

3003900 Spezialkolben Mineraloel

Recommendation from ABNOX:

ABNOX strongly recommend the use of the special aluminium piston with FKM seal according to ISO 1629 and ASTM 1418-01a, if aggressive synthetic oil is used.
The standard piston may loose its sealing property due to shrinking if used with this category of oil.
You will find this special piston, Article-No. 3003900, in accessories.

Spare Parts:

Seal Kit3084200

You will find more information in the downloads section under "Spare Parts List"

Technical Data

Weight (kg)0.373
Application for grease nipple typD / H / K
Capacity cylinder (cm3)120
Cylinder external dia. (mm)40
Cylinder lenght (mm)150
Total height (mm)270
Filling with hand or filler pumpOnly hand filling
Min. / Max. temperature (°C)10 / 40
Specification for operation mediumMineral oil
Max. pressure (bar)150
Delivery rate pro stroke (cm3)0.6
Connection (medium) internal thread P1/8" BSP


Dimensioned Sketch

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Operating Manual

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