Function Metering Valve

ABNOX Metering Valves provide the means for precise metering using the latest developments in Pressure Control Technology.

The skilful design of the Metering Valves guarantees the achievement of the right amount to the right place, at the right time. Greases of class NLGI 0 to 3 can be handled up to a maximum apparent viscosity of 5000 mPa.s. The Metering Valves can also be used with oils. This covers the majority of all applications. ABNOX Metering Valves can operate at any angle.
The dosage chamber inlet and outlet are alternatively shut and opened by means of a pin valve with pneumatic control. The dosage chamber volume is continuously adjustable by a lockable screw adjustment. The medium is ejected by means of the feeder pump pressure. The use of modern sealing components and glydrings ensures long lifetime of the metering valve even with high input pressures up to 200 bar and also when used with grease containing solid particles. A range of valves reaching from sizes 1 mm³ up to 500 cm³, allows to meet most lubrication technique requirements in an economic way.

Metering Valve with Sensor
(control in the hydraulic part)

The position magnetic field sensor detects the motion (the end position) of the metering piston and, consequently, the ejection of the lubricant. Its output signal confirms the completion of the lubricant transfer.

A missing signal indicates lack of lubricant flow, or other failure.

This dosage sensor signal allows for a simple process monitoring. The rugged design ensures a high lifetime.

Dosierventil_TypC_Sensor AUSZoom

Metering piston withdrawn
(no signal at sensor)

Dosierventil_TypC_Sensor EINZoom

Metering piston at end position
(signal present at sensor)

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