• Accurate metering lubrication for highest process reliability!

    Metering valves for perfect metering accuracy – precise and highly repeatable application of lubricant

  • Lubrication technology for the professional!

    Without professional maintenance no process reliability - Lubricating units for the reliable service work

  • The art of controlled lubrication begins with reliable feed!

    Grease supply systems for the deliverying of moderately to highly viscose lubricants – rational, fast and clean

  • Controlled pressures are a prerequisite for high-precision clamping!

    Efficient and elegant solution as well as high pressure pumps and valves for clamping tools

  • Development according to the customer's requirement!

    Our experienced and competent engineering team develops customized systems and products for you


ABNOX has been the system partner for integrated processes in the area of Metering, Lubrication, and Clamping Technology for 70 years.

Current subjects

Neuheit AXDV-R1 Rotationsdosierer EN-Web

Perfect applications with the Rotary Dosing Unit AXDV-R1

Neuheit Schmierpumpe AXSP-EN

An intelligent solution: The next generation Lubrication Pump AXSP

Neuheit Dosiervorrichtung

Apply lubricants volumetrically: The new Dosing Devices AXDD

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Reminder: ABNOX Product Training (Conveying and Metering Technology) 2019

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Screen Animation fördern - dosieren - auftragen

Animated film Conveying - Metering - Applying

Animation AXFP DE

The new animation film for the ABNOX Drum Pumps in the AXFP series