Spray Valves AXSPV



STD Nozzles for Spray Valve AXSPV

Construction Type

Standard (STD)


Ø 0.2 until 2.5 mm


Standard nozzles

Standard nozzles are suitable for the AXSPV spray valves in combination with standard nozzle needles.

Material: Stainless steel

Selection of standard nozzles

Article-No.ModelNozzle inside diameterDimensions outside diameter x lengthWrench size
0005160Standard nozzle STD0.20.2 mm12 x 18 mm 7 mm
0010472Standard nozzle STD0.30.3 mm12 x 18 mm 7 mm
0004058Standard nozzle STD0.50.5 mm12 x 18 mm 7 mm
0004905Standard nozzle STD0.80.8 mm12 x 18 mm 7 mm
0009960Standard nozzle STD1.01.0 mm12 x 18 mm 7 mm
0010474Standard nozzle STD1.21.2 mm12 x 18 mm 7 mm
0004907Standard nozzle STD1.51.5 mm12 x 18 mm 7 mm
0010475Standard nozzle STD2.02.0 mm 12 x 18 mm 7 mm
0010476Standard nozzle STD2.52.5 mm12 x 18 mm 7 mm

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