Spray Valves AXSPV




Construction Type

KLS (adhesive) Nozzle / not needle-sealing


Round jet 15° / Straight ahead


Nozzle extension DVL, not needle-sealing (NN1)

  • Spray form: Round jet 15° (spraying straight ahead)

  • For nozzle ≤ 1 mm

  • Equipped with a KLS (adhesive) nozzle

  • Choice with or without swirl nozzle (S) 45°

The nozzle extension DVL, not needle-sealing (NN1) have been specially developed for applications in which only very little space is available for installation in machines or robots, or where spraying must be carried out through or into very small openings.

This nozzle extension is placed on the nozzle of the spray valve instead of the air cap.

Selection of nozzle extension DVL-NN1 without swirl nozzle

Article-No.ModelNozzle outside diameter (D)Nozzle length (L)Outlet nozzle bore (d)
0010671DVL-NN1-D04-L050-KLS-RS015-B01x0.5-W000-A000-S004 mm50 mmØ 0.5 mm
0010672DVL-NN1-D04-L075-KLS-RS015-B01x0.5-W000-A000-S004 mm75 mmØ 0.5 mm
0010673DVL-NN1-D04-L100-KLS-RS015-B01x0.5-W000-A000-S004 mm100 mmØ 0.5 mm
0010679DVL-NN1-D06-L050-KLS-RS015-B01x0.5-W000-A000-S006 mm50 mmØ 0.5 mm
0010680DVL-NN1-D06-L075-KLS-RS015-B01x0.5-W000-A000-S006 mm75 mmØ 0.5 mm
0010681DVL-NN1-D06-L100-KLS-RS015-B01x0.5-W000-A000-S006 mm100 mmØ 0.5 mm
0010699DVL-NN1-D08-L050-KLS-RS015-B01x0.5-W000-A000-S008 mm50 mmØ 0.5 mm
0009570DVL-NN1-D08-L075-KLS-RS015-B01x0.5-W000-A000-S008 mm75 mmØ 0.5 mm
0010700DVL-NN1-D08-L100-KLS-RS015-B01x0.5-W000-A000-S008 mm100 mmØ 0.5 mm

Selection of nozzle extension DVL-NN1 with swirl nozzle 45°

Article-No.ModelNozzle outside diameter (D)Nozzle length (L)Outlet nozzle bore (d)
0010676DVL-NN1-D04-L050-KLS-RS015-B01x0.5-W000-A000-S454 mm50 mmØ 0.5 mm
0010677DVL-NN1-D04-L075-KLS-RS015-B01x0.5-W000-A000-S454 mm75 mmØ 0.5 mm
0010678DVL-NN1-D04-L100-KLS-RS015-B01x0.5-W000-A000-S454 mm100 mmØ 0.5 mm
0010682DVL-NN1-D06-L050-KLS-RS015-B01x0.5-W000-A000-S456 mm50 mmØ 0.5 mm
0010683DVL-NN1-D06-L075-KLS-RS015-B01x0.5-W000-A000-S456 mm75 mmØ 0.5 mm
0010684DVL-NN1-D06-L100-KLS-RS015-B01x0.5-W000-A000-S456 mm100 mmØ 0.5 mm
0010701DVL-NN1-D08-L050-KLS-RS015-B01x0.5-W000-A000-S458 mm50 mmØ 0.5 mm
0010702DVL-NN1-D08-L075-KLS-RS015-B01x0.5-W000-A000-S458 mm75 mmØ 0.5 mm
0010703DVL-NN1-D08-L100-KLS-RS015-B01x0.5-W000-A000-S458 mm100 mmØ 0.5 mm

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