Dispensing Tip Set bent 45° with LUER-Connection

Construction Type

Size 14+18+22


Length 12.7 mm

0006771 Dosiernadel-Set, gebogen 45 Grad_Bild2

Dispensing tip set bent 45° containing a selection of three prevalent dispensing tips to select from, according to circumstances and to viscosity of medium. The dispensing tips consist of polypropylene cases, silicone-free and chloride-free, and electrolytically polished stainless steel cannulas.
These dispensing tips are also available as separate items and are perfect for dispensing lubricants in hard to reach places .

Dispensing Tip bent 45°, size 14, olive (length 12.7 mm, ID 1.6 mm / ED 1.9 mm)0006768
Dispensing Tip bent 45°, size 18, green (length 12.7 mm, ID 0.8 mm / ED 1.3 mm)0006769
Dispensing Tip bent 45°, size 22, blue (length 12.7 mm, ID 0.4 mm / ED 0.7 mm)0006770

Important note:

When using a bent Dispensing Tip, it is necessary to use a rotatable Dispensing Tip Adapter (see accessories Art.-No. 0006790 or 0006937)!

Dispensing Tip Adapter rotatable, M5, with sealing and LUER-Connection0006790
Dispensing Tip Adapter rotatable, 1/8" BSP, with LUER-Connection and Screw Seal0006937

Technical Data

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