Grease Supply




Construction Type



1 - 5 kg

4065820 Fettversorugnssystem mINI

The Air-operated Grease Supply System mINI is ideal for feeding expensive lubricants from small containers or dispensing small quantities of lubricants, if a space-saving solution at low cost is required.
This pump allows by means of a high pressure pipe with integrated air supply line a quick and easy connection to ABNOX metering valves.
The vertical lock and the follower plate with air vent enable a facilitated change of container thanks to height adjustment.

The Grease Supply System mINI with pressure ratio from 60:1 is reliable even while lubricating at high pressure. This system is right for the job and solidly made for the maintenance of machinery and all mechanical equipment.

This Pumpsystem mINI is consisting an air-operated grease pump and a frame.Separate to the grease supply system the selection of the follower plate will be made according to the container size (see accessories).

Character features of ABNOX Grease Supply System mINI 1-5 kg:

• Compact design
• Supply direct from original container
• Long life time product
• Components harmonised perfectly with each other
• Usable for central grease supply
• Exchangeable follower plate
• Simple audible announcement „container empty“ with pump stops (as option)

Upgrading optionsArticle No.Quantity
Set container centering40683001 piece
Pressure release valve 0-10 bar48285001 piece
Pressure release valve 0-10 bar with water separator (Maintenance unit)00009201 piece
Pressure release valve 0-10 bar with additional pressure connection for metering valve with handgrip42307001 piece
Acoustic warn signal „container empty“ with stop the pump40685001 piece
Electric low lewer indicator „container empty“40684101 piece
Connection piece 1/4" BSP with gauge 400 bar and ball valve for air vent40820011 piece
5-Multiplier with fittings 1/4" BSP40805011 piece
Fettversorgunssystem mINI mit akustische Leermeldung 1

Grease Supply System mINI with upgrading option acoustic warn signal „container empty“ with stop the pump and follower plate

When ordering, please indicate internal diameter (from top and down) and the height of the container and the type of lubricant.
Caution: Attention to circumferential flanging at the container!

Technical Data

Container internal dia. (mm)80 - 210
Container height (mm)285
Suction tube dia. (mm)32
Min. / Max. temperature (°C)10/40
Specification for operation mediumLubricants up to NLGI 3 / 500'000 m Pa s
Output pressure (medium) at operating pressure 6 bar [bar]335
Output pressure (medium) at operating pressure 10 bar [bar]555
Delivery rate pro double stroke (cm3)7.5
Delivery rate at pump outlet [cm3/min]500
Inlet operating pressure (compressed air) optimum [bar]6
Max. air consumption [l/min.]150
Connection (compressed air) internal thread1/4" BSP
Connection (Medium) External Thread P1/4" BSP


Dimensioned Sketch

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