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0007248 Fettpumpe AXSP25_7267

The Lubrication Pump AXSP-S with pressure ratio from 60:1 is ideal applicable as feeding pump for ABNOX metering valves or as filling system.
ABNOX Air-operated Grease Pump from type S is suitable for transferring of lubricants of medium to high viscosity levels as well as silicon greases and silicon oils.

The Lubrication Pump AXSP-S is the ultimate solution in a modular system. When requirements change (pressure ratios / conveying volume), the grease pump can be retrofitted quickly with little effort. The principle: In one step, quickly and easily disconnect the suction system on the air motor and replace it with a different suction system!

Lenght of the Lubrication Pump:

Lenght (mm)Article NumberDesignmax. Container height (mm)
28800074301 - 5 kg285
3700007431up to 18 kg365
4750007432up to 25 kg470
7200007433up to 50 kg715
8450007434up to 180 kg840

Spare Parts:

DescriptionArticle Number
Complete Suction System 000746X
Complete Air Motor 0009161
Air Release Valve EV 0006207

Seal Kits:

DescriptionArticle Number
Seal Kit Suction System0007786
Seal Kit Air Motor0007784

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Keep the Lubrication Pump always clean to avoid damage to the pump.

Type Code for Lubrication Pump AXSP:

Technical Data

Suction tube dia. (mm)32
Output pressure (medium) at operating pressure 6 bar [bar]360
Delivery rate pro double stroke (cm3)13
Delivery rate at pump outlet [cm3/min]700
Min. / Max. inlet operating pressure [bar]2 / 10
Air Quality StandardsISO 8573-1:2020 [6:4:4]
Max. air consumption [l/min.]200
Connection (Medium) External Thread PG 1/4"
Connection (compressed air) internal threadG 1/4"
Specification for operation mediumLubricants up to NLGI 3 / 5'000 m Pa.s
Min. / Max. temperature (°C)10 / 40


Dimensioned Sketch

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Spare Parts List

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Seal Kit Suction System

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Seal Kit Air Motor

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Operating Manual

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3D-Data 0007430

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3D-Data 0007431

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3D-Data 0007432

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