5 :1

Construction Type

Container internal dia. 306 - 335 mm


conical 25 kg

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The ABNOX Air-operated Grease Filler Pump for conical container with internal dia. 306 - 335 mm, design without protecion container.
This Air-operated Grease Filler Pump with pressure ratio from 5:1, is the ideal equipment for economic and clean filling of hand lever pumps, one-hand pumps, hand push pumps and lubrication systems.
This Grease Filler Pump is especially useful when the customers use large containers to fill several kinds of hand-operated lubrication equipments.
Simple connecting to hand-operated lubrication equipments with cylindrical or conical fillers cap enables a quick filling and protects the lubricants of pollution and air pockets.

Recommendation from ABNOX:

Do not use a high pressure greasing system to refill the hand-operated lubrication equipment; over-pressure may destruct the greasing devices.
We recommend using a maintenance unit when air supplying device contains humidity to prevent corrosion and fouling.
Never leave the pump system on the suction tube on the floor.

4936600 Abfuellteller

Filling plate article - no. 4936600

For refilling hand push pumps we recommend using the following suitable accessory:
Filling plate with seal ring and conical filler cap

This air-operated filler pump consisting of:

Component partsArticle No.Quantity
Air-operated grease pump 4030200 1 piece
Follower plate 4326000 1 piece
Cover plate 4325200 1 piece
Adjustment of level 4325100 1 piece
Pressure reduction valve 4828500 1 piece
Feeder pipe complete 4907600 1 piece

You will find the component parts to this air-operated filler pump in accessories.

Customer Benefits:

• Operator convenience
• Economic efficiency
• High quality standard
• Efficiency increase
• Shorter process operation
• Cleanliness
• High reliability
• Excellent after-sale-service

Technical Data

Capacity container (kg)25
Container internal dia. (mm)306 - 335
Container height (mm)406
Suction tube dia. (mm)32
Suction tube lenght (mm)473
Min. / Max. temperature (°C)10 / 40
Specification for operation mediumLubricants up to NLGI 1 / 5‘000 m Pa.s
Output pressure (medium) at operating pressure 6 bar [bar]27
Output pressure (medium) at operating pressure 10 bar [bar]45
Delivery rate pro double stroke (cm3)20
Delivery rate at pump outlet [cm3/min]1500
Min. / Max. inlet operating pressure [bar]2 / 10
Inlet operating pressure (compressed air) optimum [bar]6
Max. air consumption [l/min.]150
Connection (compressed air) internal thread1/4" BSP
Connection (Medium) External Thread P1/4" BSP


Dimensioned Sketch

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Spare Parts List

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Seal Kit Air Motor

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Seal Kit Suction System

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Operating Manual

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