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    Corporate Vision

    Swiss quality and advanced technology

    ABNOX is worldwide a synonym for quality and advanced technology in all fields of Lubrication, Metering and High Pressure Techniques.

    Traditional industrial art, velocity and ingenious ideas when searching optimal solutions, and consequent pursuit of quality in all ranges: With this recipe for success Abnox Ltd. have established themselves as an international leading provider of products and services for Lubrication, Metering and High Pressure Techniques.

    The needs of our customers have changed in the course of the past years – so have our products. What we have retained unchanged, is our approach to not just sell a metering valve or a high pressure pump, but to supply an answer to the client that is comprehensive, technically sound and economical.

    With the experience of more than 60 years we make sure – not only as a supplier of high quality components and services but also as a reliable partner for complete processes – that our customers business run smooth.

    Our Service and Products are based on customer's requirements. An integral quality management system (ISO 9001:2000) helps us to control the quality of our Service and Products.

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    Quality does not simply mean making excellent products. ABNOX quality means entire service that we render to our customers, whether through our advice, our deliveries in time or our After Sales Service.


    The size of our company, the flat and process oriented organisation help us to provide better, faster and more reliable service to our customers.

    Service and Advice

    Our know-how and vast experience in the field of Lubrication, Metering and High Pressure Techniques make ABNOX a leader in the filed of developing special products for our customers. Our in-house design engineering division, our trained and retrained employees and many other innovations ensure that customers receive the best possible advice at any given time.