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    Successful successors: The next generation stand for continuity and progress of ABNOX AG.


    Matthias Iseli, CEO / Product Manager Metering Technology


    Benjamin Iseli Head of Sales and Marketing / Product Manager Clamping Technology

    With ABNOX as your partner: Full speed ahead!

    We have fundamentally modified and refined our range of products and services in the past 70 years. What has remained unchanged is our approach of supplying not only a single product but of pursuing the wish to be a process partner to our customers and thus create additional benefit for them. With customised components, with comprehensive system solutions, with high-tech engineering and with the proverbial Swiss quality. We will continue to head for this goal at full speed.

    Right on course. For 65 years. We will continue our course of innovation!

    Essential factors for the persistent success of ABNOX throughout many decades are the high speed and the flexibility with which we respond to market developments and continuously changing demands of our customers. Readiness to make changes, continuous innovations and the persistent striving for making time-tested things still a bit better, are the constants of our corporate policy. This is at least one feature of ours that will not change even in the future.