Business Segments

  • Lubrication equipments and filler pumps for grease and oil

  • Elements for lubrication technology

  • Customised products

  • OEM products

Whether elements for machine construction or lubricating units for service work, ABNOX has the right technology for your application.
Our many years of experience and our expertise in lubrication technology enable us to manufacture quality products, offering our customers increased advantages of use.
Our flexible modular system provides fast and economical solutions, custom made for your requirements.

  • Metering valves, nozzles, control elements and accessories

  • Customised lubricating systems

  • Customised solutions and grease application systems

Reliable feeding, exact dosages and accurate dispensing mean clean, correct lubrication.
The call for maintenance-free, with no lubrication service needed, has increasingly become a standard request for equipment with moving parts. Lubrication is expected to last for the lifetime of the device. Apart from surface coating and spezial material match, lubrication materials are commonly used. Heavy duty lubricants are expensive, and metering of high precision and uniformity is needed for their application. The key to optimised friction and wear, and to lifelong lubrication without maintenance, is to apply the lubricant in the right quantity, and at the right place.
For this purpose ABNOX delivers a range of metering components which allows implementing a reliable feeding, exact metering and accurate dispensing.

ABNOX Lubrication and Metering Technology with System – as every drop is precious!

  • High pressure one-handpumps and hand lever pumps

  • Pneumatc and electrical high pressure pumps

  • High pressure valves

  • Clampin systems

  • Customised solutions

Controlled pressures are a prerequisite for high-precision clamping.
More and more often modern clamping systems are being equipped with hydraulics. Using this technology, high forces and torques can be transferred elegantly and precisely. Typical examples are clamping bushings, chucks, coupling, tools and fixtures equipped with hydraulics.
ABNOX has developed high pressure pumps and valves made to customer-specific requirements using the basic know-how of lubrication technology and high pressure hydraulics. A modular principle designed pump concept provides a large diversity of variants (e.g. electrical or pneumatic drive, hand or foot operated; different pressures and flow rates, various adapters and coupling pieces). Customer-specific customade products can already be designed cost-efficiently in small series. Special high pressure inlet and out-let valves complete the product line.
A high-performance clamping system distinguishes itself in that each system component is tuned optimally to one another. And here lies the strength of ABNOX as a system partner: a flexible pump program for high and controlled pressures, paired with engineering expertise.

  • Air-operated and electric-operated grease supply systems and pumps suitable for transferring lubricants of medium to high viscosity levels

The wide range of modern lubricants available today place differing demands on feed pumps. The correct pump or perhaps also the correct suction or pump system must be selected according to such important parameters as the pressure, pump capacity and temperature as well as the physical properties of and container holding the lubricant.
The wide range of high-quality grease supply systems are suitable for transferring lubricants of medium to high viscosity levels and are used to fill vessels and feed metering valves and applicators as well as ensures reliable lubrication.
Modular system – Suitable for all Containers 1 kg up to 5 kg and 14 kg up to 180 kg available on the market.

Engineering and customised solutions.
A team of best qualified engineers develops the required ABNOX systems and products.